How to obtain the system response from initial signal and final signal? Using Convolution or deconvolution!

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Dear Researchers and Matlab Community,
I have a query regarding to obtain the system response.
In order to obtain the correct result from scatterings, I divided the signal using %Sc = S./(repmat(Sref,size(S,1),1));
as given below:
My question is how can I get the system response, since I have both Y and X, how can I get H, I read about Convolution or deconvolution.
I need guidance to obtain the system response.
angle = -180:1:180-1;
Angle_ref = 5;
S = input (2D signal) % attached
[val_min,i_ref] = min(abs(angle - Angle_ref));
Sref = S(i_ref,:);
Sc = S./(repmat(Sref,size(S,1),1));
Your comments and suggestions/solution will be highly appreciated.
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Chunru 2022 年 8 月 30 日
One way is to build a model of the system with some parameters and then estimate the parameters from data. This requires background information about the problem you want to solve.


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