Grouping multi-variable data points

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Gabriel Stanley
Gabriel Stanley 2022 年 8 月 10 日
I have three different data sources, of increasing generality. Group1 is a bunch of 2-value data points, Group2 is a good estimation of how the data in Group1 should be distributed (e.g. Group2 tells me there should be N datapoints with (x=7, y=2)), and Group3 is a collection of vague ranges into which I need to group the entries in Group2 and Group1 (e.g. Group3(1) = [5,8 ; 0,4]; Group3(2) = [7,9 ; 0,4]). I am trying to do two seperate things with these data sets, and whether it's from lack of sleep or coffee, I cannot figure out which MatLab functions I should be looking at to do the heavy lifting. I'm thinking one or more of hiscounts2, discretize, and/or maybe findgroups.
The tasks I'm trying to complete are:
1) Check that all the elements in Group1 align with the expected groups in Group2, and get some metadata on any outliers (e.g. to which Group2 element is any given unmatched Group1 element closest?)
2) ?Cluster? the elements in Group2 using the elements in Group3. E.g. if Group2(1) = [N,x=7,y=2], then it falls within both Group3(1) and Group3(2) as described above.
If any of y'all could help direct me to the appropriate functions Ishould focus on understanding & learning how to use, I would appreciate it.

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