Can the Code Profiler be used programmatically to profile an app in App Designer?

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I am aware that I can open the Profiler, click 'start profiling' run my app, then stop profilling and view it.
Can I initiate the start and stop of the profiling programatically?
tic/toc is good, but that's better to test implementations. the Profiler is great to look at overall where my code is slow.


Voss 2022 年 5 月 28 日
"Can I initiate the start and stop of the profiling programatically?"
Yes. See the "action" input argument part of the documentation for profile:
Using some of those actions, maybe you can do what you want:
% turn on and start the profiler:
% run a function:
% get the current profiler info:
s = profile('info')
s = struct with fields:
FunctionTable: [44×1 struct] FunctionHistory: [4×396 double] ClockPrecision: 1.0000e-06 ClockSpeed: 3.4554e+09 Name: 'MATLAB' Overhead: 0
ans = 44×1 struct array with fields:
CompleteName FunctionName FileName Type Children Parents ExecutedLines IsRecursive TotalRecursiveTime PartialData NumCalls TotalTime
% get the info about the function test_func:
ans = struct with fields:
CompleteName: '/users/mss.system.IR6him/test_func.m>test_func' FunctionName: 'test_func' FileName: '/users/mss.system.IR6him/test_func.m' Type: 'M-function' Children: [0×1 struct] Parents: [1×1 struct] ExecutedLines: [5×3 double] IsRecursive: 0 TotalRecursiveTime: 0 PartialData: 0 NumCalls: 1 TotalTime: 6.6100e-04
% stop the profiler:

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