How to Run the Same MATLAB Code Through Two Laptops?

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Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 13 日
編集済み: Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 15 日
I have a large data and my laptop takes probably a week to finish one run of my code. I'm thinking to reduce the amount of time by connecting my laptop with another one and use them both to run the same MATLAB code. Is this even possible?
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Chunru 2022 年 4 月 13 日
Install and Configure MATLAB Parallel Server for Slurm
If you have a cluster with Slurm, follow these instructions to integrate MATLAB® with your scheduler using MATLAB Parallel Server™. If you do not have an existing scheduler in your cluster, see: Install and Configure MATLAB Parallel Server for MATLAB Job Scheduler and Network License Manager.
These instructions guide you through the following tasks:
After you integrate MATLAB with Slurm, you can access workers in your cluster from a desktop MATLAB client session with Parallel Computing Toolbox™. Workers are MATLAB computational engines that typically correspond to a core.
The setup in these steps uses the network license manager.
Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 14 日
Thanks Chunru. Very detailed answer indeed. Thanks for your time as well. However, the solution presented looks a bit hard for me. I never heard of Slurm before and the steps appear to be technical for a novice guy like me.



Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022 年 4 月 14 日
編集済み: Edric Ellis 2022 年 4 月 14 日
If your code is designed to use Parallel Computing Toolbox, then you can distribute workers between multiple nodes or hosts. However this requires a MATLAB Parallel Server license. That toolbox is not available to Student licenses, and is moderately expensive for Standard licenses (but might be affordable for Academic licenses.)
If you were using Mac or Linux then you could potentially use ssh from one host to invoke matlab on the remote system, and give it a chunk of work to do.
If you were using Windows, then it just might be be possible to use the MATLAB Engine interface together with COM objects to request remote execution. MathWorks documentation about the execution engine does not list that as a possibility for Windows.
... Execution Engine for Mac and Linux does specifically say that you can request remote execution using that interface.
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Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 14 日
編集済み: Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 15 日
@Walter Roberson This is very useful... I installed the toolbox and started to run it tonight, and I'm enjoying it already.
Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 15 日
編集済み: Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 4 月 15 日
The Team who invented the Parallel Processing Toolbox should be rewarded. I just finished running a code using this toolbox in less than a day. That same code took more than 4 days before to run without the toolbox.


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