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How to reduce the number of lines of code spatial_ca​libration_​demo() so that it can measure only the distance of only one image and not for measuring its area or intensity profile?

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AVINASH 2014 年 11 月 27 日
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Respected Sir/Madam(Image Analyst),
Here is my sincere request that since the program of spatial_calibration_demo() is of 312 lines, and it is becoming very difficult for me to reduce its size to around 100 lines. Since there is a need to reduce the number of lines of code.It does not mean that I'm not worked on it to reduce its size. I tried a lot in reducing its size from the moment I got the code. But every time I'm getting so many errors.
1. The main thing is that I wanted the code only to measure the distance only for one image ( only one ) not for the several images. No need for the so many cases like case 1, case 2, on. Menu should contains only my own image and exit option
2. Not for measuring its area or intensity profile and RGB information. Details of Area and intensity profile are not at all required for me.
3. Please Analyst, I'm in crucial situation since I'm a learner and right now frankly speaking, I'm not able to understand that complex code. Please reduce its size (to around 100 lines), so that it can measure only the distance. The code is available in the spatial_calibration_demo() (given from your side) Please help me. Please, I have a lots of hope in you. I'll assure you that I'll learn the complexity of code in the coming days.But right now, because of time constraints it is not possible for me. So please help me for this last request.
Thank you, AVINASH

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