Range of Resolution in exportgraphics

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Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 1 月 29 日
コメント済み: Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 2 月 2 日
When using the command exportgraphics to save a figure, what is the possible range of Resolution option?

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Priyanka Kondapalli
Priyanka Kondapalli 2022 年 2 月 2 日
There is not set range for resolution option,it would vary from image to image. However, the command doesnot distrupt the run workflow for any image. Please refer to the link for further detals on export graphics command
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Kareem Elgindy
Kareem Elgindy 2022 年 2 月 2 日
OK, if there is no specified range, is there a rule of thumb for how the user may choose appropriate parameter values?



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