Error Found unsupported dynamic matrix type at output port: 0

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Athira Km
Athira Km 2021 年 10 月 8 日
コメント済み: Athira Km 2021 年 10 月 8 日
Hi Team
I am getting the below error while HDL code generation.
HDL Code Generation Check Report for 'Coordinator_fixpt'
Generated on 2021-10-08 12:37:34
HDL Conformance check complete with 2 errors, 0 warnings, and 0 messages.
Function LocationLevelDescription
Coordinator_fixpt:48ErrorFound unsupported dynamic matrix type at output port: 0, name 'beacon', in the file/function Coordinator_fixpt.
Coordinator_fixpt:0ErrorMATLAB HDL Coder failed in the code generation phase. See HDL Coder conformance report.
Below is the code part
function [frameOctets] = LifiMACFrame(SSID,beaconInterval,FrameType,Type,payload)
data = 0;
if strcmp(FrameType, 'Data')
if ~isempty(payload)
data = payload;
frameOctets = macGenerateMPDU(FrameType,data,SSID,beaconInterval,Type);
frameOctets = macGenerateMPDU(FrameType,data,SSID,beaconInterval,Type); ----- > error hitting here.
Attaching the whole code for reference purpose.
Could you please help here.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021 年 10 月 8 日
macGenerateMPDU appears to be written in a way that uses dynamic memory instead of having fixed maximum variable size.
Dynamic memory is a problem for HDL, as HDL needs to know exactly how many memory cells to allocate gates for.
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Athira Km
Athira Km 2021 年 10 月 8 日
Also tried like below. but not making any changes in the error.


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