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Active subchannel indices

Since R2021b



idx = getActiveSubchannelIndex(cfgWUR) returns indices of the active 20 MHz subchannels in a WLAN wake-up radio (WUR) transmission parameterized by cfgWUR.


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Create a WUR configuration object for a transmission with two subchannels and four transmit antennas.

numSubchannels = 2;
cfgWUR = wlanWURConfig(numSubchannels,NumTransmitAntennas=4);

Get the active subchannel indices for the transmission.

idx = getActiveSubchannelIndex(cfgWUR)
idx = 1×2

     1     2

Input Arguments

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WUR transmission parameters, specified as a wlanWURConfig object.

Output Arguments

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Active subchannel indices, returned as an integer-valued row vector of length equal to the number of subchannels in the transmission.

Data Types: double

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2021b