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Radio I/O

Configure hardware to transmit and receive IQ data

Use functions, System objects and blocks to:

  • Update firmware and query information about your radio and firmware.

  • Find radios connected to the host computer.

  • Apply radio hardware parameters and tune radio properties.

  • Configure a radio to transmit and receive IQ data over the air.

For details on supported hardware and how to connect and set up your SDR hardware, see Radio Management.

Use examples to:

  • Tune your transmitter-to-receiver link for quality and performance.

  • Transmit and receive digitally modulated waveforms.

  • Model a data link layer (DLL), medium access control (MAC) sublayer, and logical link control sublayer functionality.

  • Implement multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems.

  • Transmit and receive signals compliant with various standards.


sdruloadLoad FPGA and firmware images for USRP radio
findsdru Status of USRP radios connected to host computer
getSDRuDriverVersionUHD version number of installed radio
captureCapture RF signal data using USRP radio (Since R2023b)
setsdruipSet IP address for USRP radio
probesdruUSRP radio information
infoUSRP radio information
referenceLockedStatusLock status of USRP radio to 10 MHz clock signal (Since R2021a)
gpsLockedStatusLock status of GPSDO to GPS constellation (Since R2021a)
getRadioTimeGet current USRP radio time (Since R2023b)


comm.SDRuReceiverReceive data from USRP device
comm.SDRuTransmitter Send data to USRP device


SDRu ReceiverReceive data from USRP device
SDRu TransmitterSend data to USRP device


Frequency Offset Calibration

Spectrum Analysis

Digital Modulation

MAC Modeling

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Modeling

FM Modeling

Wireless Standards Modeling

ADS-B and AIS Modeling