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Configure Board Parameters and Enable MAT-File Logging

To save signals on an SD card, the target hardware details must be specified.

  1. In your model window, open the Configuration Parameters dialog box, go to the Hardware Implementation pane, and select the name of the target hardware from the Hardware board list.

  2. In the Hardware board settings pane, expand Target hardware resources and select SD card logging.

  3. Select Enable MAT-file logging on SD card option.


    • For C2000™ hardware boards, it is advisable to limit the data points for the signals to be logged as C2000 hardware boards have limited memory. In case of memory allocation failure, set *Limit data points to last* to less than |512| value.

    • For F2803x, F2805x, F2833x, F280x and Concerto(35x and 36x) processors, select *Save format* as |Array| to avoid memory overflow.

  4. From the SPI module list, select the desired SPI module.

    The default values vary based on the Hardware board selected.

  5. From the SPI baud rate list, select

    • Inherit from SPI settings - Inherits the value from the Desired baud rate in bits/sec set in the corresponding SPI_x pane.

    • Maximum achievable supported by the inserted SD Card - The baud rate for SPI interface is automatically selected based on the SD card inserted on the C2000 hardware. In this case, the Desired baud rate in bits/sec set in the corresponding SPI_x pane is overwritten.

  6. Click Apply. Click OK to save your changes.

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