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SPICE Passives

SPICE 互換の抵抗とスイッチ

SPICE 互換の抵抗とスイッチ。

Simscape ブロック

Current-Controlled SwitchCurrent-controlled switch with hysteresis
SPICE ResistorModel SPICE-compatible resistor
Voltage-Controlled SwitchVoltage-controlled switch with hysteresis


subcircuit2sscConvert SPICE subcircuit to custom Simscape components
ee_convertedmosfetvalidationGenerate standard MOSFET characteristics for Simscape and validate conversion results against SPICE simulation tool (R2020b 以降)
semiconductorSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for three-terminal or four-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (R2022a 以降)
ee.spice.diodeSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for two-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (R2023a 以降)