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sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin Class

Namespace: sltest.plugins

Add simulation and test results for MATLAB-based Simulink tests to Test Manager

Since R2020b


The sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin adds simulation and test results to the Test Manager test case results for MATLAB®-based Simulink® tests. A MATLAB-based Simulink test is a MATLAB code (.m) file that is derived from the sltest.TestCase class. When you add this plugin to a TestRunner object and run the simulation, these results are added to the Test Manager:

  • Test results are created for each test suite element of an sltest.TestCase class when you run the test case at the MATLAB command line.

  • By default, criteria results are added for suite element failures from the fatalAssertSignalsMatch, assertSignalsMatch, assumeSignalsMatch, and verifySignalsMatch qualification methods. A comparison run for these failures is added under the corresponding test case result. For passing comparison runs, add the matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsOutputPlugin with passing diagnostics enabled to the TestRunner.

Simulation results, which are created using the simulate method, are added to the corresponding test case results.

The sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin class is a handle class.


To use the MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin, add it to the TestRunner object:

import sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin


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  1. Import the needed plugins and the test runner.

    import matlab.unittest.TestRunner
    import matlab.unittest.plugins.DiagnosticsOutputPlugin
    import sltest.plugins.MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin
    import sltest.plugins.ToTestManagerLog
  2. Create a TestSuite array and basic TestRunner object for a test script file, such as one named mySltestTestCaseFile.m.

    suite  = testsuite('mySltestTestCaseFile.m');
    runner = TestRunner.withNoPlugins;
  3. Add a MATLABTestCaseIntegrationPlugin to the TestRunner object.

  4. Run the suite to add the failing diagnostics and simulation results to the Test Manager.

    results =;
  5. Add the passing diagnostics to the Logs section of the test results in the Test Manager.

  6. Rerun the suite to add the diagnostics and simulation results to the Test Manager.

    results =;

Version History

Introduced in R2020b