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Class: slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration
Package: slmetric.config

Obtain properties of threshold objects


Determine the properties of the threshold objects that a threshold configuration object holds. You can also use this method with the slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration.removeThresholds method to identify and remove a threshold object from a slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object.


T = getThresholds(TH,metricid) creates a threshold object or an array of threshold objects.

Input Arguments

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slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object for which you want information on the threshold objects it holds.

Metric identifier for model metric or custom model metric that you create. This argument is optional. If you do not specify a metricID, you get information on all thresholds that the Threshold configuration object holds.

Example: 'mathworks.metrics.SimulinkBlockCount'

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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slmetric.config.Threshold object or array of slmetric.config.Threshold objects corresponding to the slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object that you specify as an input.


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Use the getThresholds method to identify the slmetric.config.Threshold objects that belong to an slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object.

For the slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object TC, use the getThresholds method.

1×2 Threshold array with properties:


The slmetric.config.ThresholdConfiguration object TC contains two slmetric.config.Threshold objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b