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VR Signal Expander

Expand input vectors into fully qualified virtual world field vectors


Simulink® 3D Animation™

  • VR Signal Expander block


The VR Signal Expander block creates a vector of predefined length, using some values from the input ports and filling the rest with placeholder signal values.

To open the Block Parameters dialog box, double-click the block.

Data Type Support

A VR Signal Expander block accepts and outputs signals of type double.


Output width — How long the output vector should be.

Output signal indices — Vector indicating the position at which the input signals appear at the output. The remaining positions are filled with VR Placeholder signals.

For example, suppose you want an input vector with two signals and an output vector with four signals, with the first input signal in position 2 and the second input signal in position 4. In the Output width box, enter 4 and in the Output signal indices box, enter [2,4]. The first and third output signals are unspecified.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a