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Return simulation object of given Signal Integrity Toolbox sheet object

Since R2023a


The SignalIntegritySimulation class object returns the simulation object from a given SignalIntegritySheet object or SignalIntegrityState object. You can get any specific simulation in the sheet or all the simulations in the sheet.



sim=sh.Simulations(i) returns a SignalIntegritySimulation class object corresponding to the i-th simulation of the SignalIntegritySheet object sh.

sim=sh.Simulations returns the SignalIntegritySimulation class objects corresponding to all the simulations of the SignalIntegritySheet object sh.


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Name of the simulation, specified as a string.

Name of the transfer net, specified as a string.

Results of the simulations, specified as a [Nx(M+4)] table. N and M represent the number of simulations and the number of result variables, respectively.

SignalIntegrityWaveform object(s) representing all the waveforms in the current simulation being observed, specified as a [1xN] class object. N represents the number of waveforms.

SignalIntegritySheet object representing the parent interface, specified as a class object.

SignalIntegrityState object representing the parent state, specified as a class object.

Full path to the project folder, specified as a string.

Simulation number used for indexing, specified as a positive integer.

Name of the interface to which the simulation belongs, specified as a string.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a