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Package: mlreportgen.dom

Append custom element to external link


textObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,text)
textObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,text,styleName)
domObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,domObj)


textObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,text) appends a Text object constructed from the specified text to the link.

textObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,text,styleName) appends text using the specified style.

domObjOut = append(externalLinkObj,domObj) appends a Text, Image, or CustomElement object to the link.

Input Arguments

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External link object to append custom element to, specified as an mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLink object.

Text to append, specified as a character vector.

The style to use with the appended text. The style defines the appearance of the document element in the output document.

Use a style that is defined in the style sheet of the template of the document you append content to.

DOM object to append, specified as an mlreportgen.dom.Text, mlreportgen.dom.Image, or mlreportgen.dom.CustomElement object.

Output Arguments

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Text appended to an external link, represented by an mlreportgen.dom.Text object.

External link with appended content, returned as a DOM object of the same class as the input argument DOM object.

Introduced in R2014b