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Package: mlreportgen.dom

Get document or template core properties


corePropertiesOut = getCoreProperties(path)



corePropertiesOut = getCoreProperties(path) specifies the core OPC properties for the document or template having the specified path.


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import mlreportgen.dom.*;
myReport = Document('mydoc','docx');

append(myReport,'Hello world');

coreProps = Document.getCoreProperties('mydoc.docx')
coreProps = 

  CoreProperties with properties:

          Category: []
     ContentStatus: []
           Creator: 'MathWorks'
       Description: []
        Identifier: []
          Keywords: []
          Language: []
    LastModifiedBy: ''
          Revision: '2'
           Subject: []
             Title: ''
           Version: []
               Tag: 'dom.CoreProperties:203'
                Id: '203'

Input Arguments

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Path to the document or template, specified as a character vector.

Output Arguments

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Core properties of the document or template, represented by an mlreportgen.dom.CoreProperties object.

Introduced in R2014b