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Create antenna element modelled as transmitter


    Use the rfantenna object to create an antenna element modelled as a transmitter. You can also use the rfantenna object to compute the effective isotropically radiated power (EIRP) in cascaded stages using the RF Budget Analyzer app.



    ant = rfantenna creates a default RF antenna object with the gain of 1 dBi.


    ant = rfantenna(Name,Value) sets the Properties of an rfantenna object using one or more name-value arguments. For example, ant = attenuator('Gain',10) creates an RF antenna object with a 10 dBi gain. Properties you do not specify retain their default values.


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    Name of the RF antenna element, specified as a string scalar or a character vector.

    Example: ant = rfantenna('Name','Antenna_20dB') creates an RF antenna element called Antenna_20dB.

    Antenna gain, specified as a scalar in dBi. EIRP can be controlled by varying the gain of the antenna element.

    Example: ant = rfantenna('Gain',20) creates an RF antenna element with 20 dBi gain.

    Input impedance of the RF antenna element, specified as a positive scalar in ohms.

    Example: ant = rfantenna('Zin',20) creates an RF antenna element with the input impedance 20 ohms.

    This property is read-only.

    Number of input and output ports in RF antenna element, returned as a positive scalar.

    This property is read-only.

    Terminals of RF antenna, returned as a cell array.

    Object Functions

    sparametersS-parameter object


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    Create an amplifier with the gain of 4 dB.

    a = amplifier('Gain',4);

    Create a modulator with OIP3 of 13 dBm.

    m = modulator('OIP3',13);

    Create an n-port element using passive.s2p.

    n = nport('passive.s2p');

    Create an RF antenna with the gain of 10 dB.

    ant = rfantenna('Gain',10);

    Calculate the RF budget of a series of RF elements at the input frequency of 2.1 GHz, available input power of –30 dBm, and bandwidth of 10 MHz. EIRP is computed under Analyzed Results of the rfbudget object.

    b = rfbudget([a m n ant],2.1e9,-30,10e6)
    b = 
      rfbudget with properties:
                   Elements: [1x4 rf.internal.rfbudget.Element]
             InputFrequency: 2.1 GHz
        AvailableInputPower: -30 dBm
            SignalBandwidth:  10 MHz
                     Solver: Friis      
                 AutoUpdate: true
       Analysis Results
            OutputFrequency: (GHz) [  2.1    3.1      3.1      3.1]
                OutputPower: (dBm) [  -26    -26    -30.6    -30.6]
             TransducerGain: (dB)  [    4      4  -0.5995  -0.5995]
                         NF: (dB)  [    0      0    1.224    1.224]
                       IIP2: (dBm) []                              
                       OIP2: (dBm) []                              
                       IIP3: (dBm) [  Inf      9        9        9]
                       OIP3: (dBm) [  Inf     13      8.4      8.4]
                        SNR: (dB)  [73.98  73.98    72.75    72.75]
                       EIRP: (dBm) [-20.6]                         
                Directivity: (dBi) [   10]                         

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    Introduced in R2021a