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Remove custom terrain data

Since R2020a



removeCustomTerrain(terrainName) removes the custom terrain data specified by the user-defined terrainName. You can use this function to remove terrain data that is no longer needed. The terrain data to be removed must have been previously added using addCustomTerrain.


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Display a line from the surface of Gross Reservoir to a point above South Boulder Peak using custom terrain.

First, add terrain for an area around South Boulder Peak by calling addCustomTerrain and specifying a DTED file. The DTED file is from the SRTM Void Filled data set, available from the US Geological Survey. Name the terrain "southboulderpeak".


Create a geographic globe. Specify the terrain by name, using the "Terrain" argument of the geoglobe function. Then, plot the line. Tilt the view by holding Ctrl and dragging.

uif = uifigure;
g = geoglobe(uif,"Terrain","southboulderpeak");

lat = [39.95384 39.95];
lon = [-105.29916 -105.3608];
hTerrain = [10 0];

A 3-D line plotted from the surface of a reservoir to a point above a peak.

Close the geographic globe and remove the custom terrain.


Input Arguments

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User-defined identifier for terrain data previously added using addCustomTerrain, specified as a string scalar or a character vector.

Data Types: char | string

Version History

Introduced in R2020a