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Enable and disable warnings for LTE Toolbox



lteWarning('OFF',msgname) and lteWarning('ON',msgname) disable and enable the display of any warning messages of type msgname, specific to the LTE Toolbox™.


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Disable and enable default value warnings for optional parameters.

Turn on the warning about default values.

bch = lteBCH(struct('CellRefP',1),ones(24,1));
Warning: Using default value for parameter field CyclicPrefix (Normal)

Notice a warning about default values is displayed when the same command is run to generate a BCH.

Turn off the warning about default values.

bch = lteBCH(struct('CellRefP',1),ones(24,1));

Input Arguments

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Message name, specified as 'defaultValue' or 'deprecated'.

OptionWarning Message
'defaultValue'This warning occurs when an optional parameter value or parameter structure field is not defined and the default value is used instead.
'deprecated'This warning occurs for deprecated functionality of the LTE Toolbox. For example, it occurs when the user calls a function using a deprecated syntax option. This warning indicates that the functionality may be removed in a later release.

Data Types: char

Version History

Introduced in R2014a

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