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Instrument Connection and Communication

Basic steps to connect, configure, and communicate with your instrument

Regardless of the interface you use, there are common steps that comprise the basic workflow of instrument communication. In all cases, you must examine your hardware resources and create an interface object. Setting properties is optional. Reading and writing depends on the interface you are using. See the section of the documentation for the interface you are using.


Test and Measurement ToolControl oscilloscopes and other instruments

Examples and How To

Instrument Communication Workflow

Examining Your Hardware Resources

Return hardware-related information visible to the toolbox, including the installed adaptors and the syntax for creating instrument objects.

Creating Instrument Objects

Create a MATLAB® object that represents the interface or the instrument.

Connecting to the Instrument

Establish a connection between the object and the interface or instrument.

Configuring and Returning Properties

View and set property values to configure the interface and instrument settings.

Communicating with Your Instrument

Write commands to the instrument, read data from the instrument, or call instrument driver functions.

Disconnecting and Cleaning Up

Disconnect the object, and remove the object from memory and from the workspace.


Choose whether to use interface objects or device objects for your application.

Saving and Loading Instrument Objects

Save instrument objects and their associated property values to disk as a file or as a MAT-file.

Debugging: Recording Information to Disk

Save information to disk as a text file. The saved information includes the data transferred to and from the instrument, and event information.

Using the Test and Measurement Tool

Test & Measurement Tool Overview

Describes the capabilities of the Test & Measurement Tool, its appearance, and how to open the tool.

Using the Test & Measurement Tool

These examples show how to use the Test & Measurement Tool to communicate with an instrument.


Instrument Control Toolbox Overview

Describes the Instrument Control Toolbox™ product and capabilities.

Supported Hardware

This table lists the hardware support for the Instrument Control Toolbox.

About Instrument Control

Explains the files and interface driver adaptors that compose the toolbox.

General Preferences for Instrument Control

The MATLAB software preferences related to the Instrument Control Toolbox.

Interface and Property Help

Get help using the Help browser, help, and other methods.

Instrument Control Toolbox Properties

These properties are available in the toolbox.

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