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Convert previous versions of fuzzy inference data in current format

In R2018b, the format of fuzzy inference systems changed from a structure format to an object format. To convert fuzzy systems in an old format to the new format, use convertfis.


fisNew = convertfis(fisOld)



fisNew = convertfis(fisOld) converts the old-format fuzzy inference system fisOld into the current object format.


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Load a fuzzy inference system created using an old format. For example, load a FIS structure from a MAT-file.

load fisStructure

View the fields of the structure.

fisStructure = struct with fields:
            name: 'tipper'
            type: 'mamdani'
       andMethod: 'min'
        orMethod: 'max'
    defuzzMethod: 'centroid'
       impMethod: 'min'
       aggMethod: 'max'
           input: [1x2 struct]
          output: [1x1 struct]
            rule: [1x3 struct]

Convert the structure to a mamfis object and view the object properties.

fisObject = convertfis(fisStructure)
fisObject = 
  mamfis with properties:

                       Name: "tipper"
                  AndMethod: "min"
                   OrMethod: "max"
          ImplicationMethod: "min"
          AggregationMethod: "max"
      DefuzzificationMethod: "centroid"
                     Inputs: [1x2 fisvar]
                    Outputs: [1x1 fisvar]
                      Rules: [1x3 fisrule]
    DisableStructuralChecks: 0

	See 'getTunableSettings' method for parameter optimization.

Input Arguments

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Old-format fuzzy inference system, specified as a structure or a matrix.

Output Arguments

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New-format fuzzy inference system, returned as a mamfis object or a sugfis object.

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Introduced in R2018b