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View SIL and PIL Files in Code Generation Report

With top-model and Model block SIL and PIL simulations, you can produce a code generation report and static code metrics that cover SIL and PIL files. The information helps you to:

  • Understand and review the SIL and PIL testing process.

  • See how your registered custom target connectivity files fit into the target application that runs during a SIL or PIL simulation.

This capability is not supported for simulations that you run with the PIL block.

To configure the creation of a code generation report and static code metrics, in the Configuration Parameters dialog box, select the Create code generation report, Open report automatically, and Generate static code metrics check boxes. Then click OK.

At the end of the simulation, in the Code Generation Report window:

  • To review code metrics, in the Contents view, click Static Code Metrics Report.

  • To review SIL and PIL files, in the Generated Code view, expand the SIL/PIL files node. For example:

    • To review the S-function that runs on the host, click modelName_sbs.c or modelName_pbs.c.

    • To view the SIL or PIL interface that runs on the target, click xil_interface.c.


Do not use the SIL or PIL files in code development as these files can change over releases. Use supplied APIs for code development.

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