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Resolving Ethernet Subnet Conflict

Follow these instructions if the host-to-radio connection cannot be established because the IP address of the radio is on a subnet being used by the host computer for another Ethernet port or for the wireless network interface. For this scenario, NIC1 refers to the Ethernet port or the wireless network interface connected to the internet or external network. NIC2 refers to the network interface card (NIC) you intend to use to establish the host-to-radio connection. To diagnose and resolve the conflict follow these steps.

  1. Check Subnet Values on Host and Radio

  2. Work with your system administrator to disable NIC1.

  3. After disabling NIC1, confirm that you are able to establish a connection to the radio using NIC2 on the conflicting IP address subnet.

  4. Run the installer to establish a host-to-radio connection on the conflicting IP address subnet.

  5. After confirming that the radio and NIC2 can communicate, exit the installer, and change the radio IP address to a different subnet. Use the setsdruip function to set the radio IP address to a different subnet than the one used by NIC1. Changing only the third octet of the IP address is sufficient.

  6. Start the installer again to establish a connection between the host computer using NIC2 and the radio on its new IP address subnet.

  7. Enable NIC1 to reestablish your access to the external network (or the Internet).

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