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Transmit and Receive WLAN Signals Using USRP E3xx

You can combine the Communication Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP™ Embedded Series Radio with the WLAN Toolbox™ software to transmit and receive WLAN signals using your supported SDR.

These examples show how to generate WLAN waveforms for transmission onto the air and how to process received data to decode WLAN signals (requires WLAN Toolbox).

  • The Recover and Analyze Packets in 802.11 Waveform (WLAN Toolbox) example blindly detects, decodes, and analyzes multiple IEEE 802.11a™, IEEE 802.11n™, IEEE 802.11ac™, and IEEE 802.11ax™ packets in a waveform received from the air using an SDR. The example provides a summary of the detected packets and displays the MAC contents, error vector magnitude (EVM), power, and signaling information for a selected packet.

  • The 802.11 OFDM Beacon Frame Generation (WLAN Toolbox) example shows how to generate packets containing medium access control (MAC) beacon frames suitable for baseband simulation or over-the-air transmission using an SDR.

  • The Image Transmission and Reception Using 802.11 Waveform and SDR (WLAN Toolbox) example shows how to encode and pack an image file into WLAN packets for transmission and subsequently decode the packets to retrieve the image. The example shows how to use an SDR for over-the-air transmission and reception of the WLAN packets.