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Change meshing mode of antenna, array, custom antenna, custom array, or custom geometry



meshconfig(object,mode) changes the meshing mode of the antenna according to the specified mode.

m = meshconfig(object,mode) changes the meshing mode of the antenna, array, or custom geometric shape according to the specified mode and stores the mesh properties in a structure.


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Change the mesh configuration of a dipole antenna from auto (default) to manual mode.

h = dipole;
ans = struct with fields:
     NumTriangles: 0
    NumTetrahedra: 0
         NumBasis: []
    MaxEdgeLength: []
    MinEdgeLength: []
       GrowthRate: []
         MeshMode: 'manual'


Input Arguments

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Antenna, array, custom antenna, custom array or custom geometric shape to change the meshing mode, specified as an antenna object, array object, custom antenna or array mesh, custom antenna or array geometry, custom antenna, antenna.Shape object, or shape.Shape object from the catalog.

Meshing mode, specified as a string.

Data Types: string

Version History

Introduced in R2015a

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