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C28x-SPI_A, C28x-SPI_B, C28x-SPI_C, C28x-SPI_D

You can set the following parameters for the serial peripheral interface (SPI):


Configure the SPI module as Controller or Peripheral.

Desired baud rate in bits/sec

Specify the desired baud.

Baud rate factor (SPIBRR: between 3 and 127)

The value used to calculate the baud. To set the Baud rate factor, search for “Baud Rate Determination” and “SPI Baud Rate Register (SPIBRR) Bit Descriptions” in TMS320x28xx, 28xxx DSP Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Reference Guide, Literature Number: SPRU059, available on the Texas Instruments® website.

Closest achievable baud rate (LSPCLK/(SPIBRR+1)) in bits/sec

The closest achievable baud rate calculated based on LSPCLK and SPIBRR.

Suspension mode

The type of suspension to be used while debugging your program with Code Composer Studio™. When your program encounters a breakpoint, the selected suspension mode determines whether to perform the program instruction. The available options are:

  • Hard_abort—Stops the program immediately.

  • Soft_abort—Stops when the current receive/transmit sequence is complete.

  • Free_run—Continues running regardless of the breakpoint.

Enable loopback

Enable the loopback function for self-test and diagnostics. When this function is enabled, the Tx pin on a C28x DSP is internally connected to its Rx pin, and the DSP can transmit data from its output port to its input port to check the integrity of the transmission.

Enable 3-wire mode

Enable SPI communication over three pins instead of the normal four pins.

Enable Tx interrupt

Enable SPI transmit interrupt operation.

Enable high speed mode

Enable high speed SPI mode for supported pins.

This option is available for specific processors.

FIFO interrupt level (Tx)

Set level for transmit FIFO interrupt.

Enable Rx interrupt

Enable SPI receive interrupt operation.

FIFO interrupt level (Rx)

Set level for receive FIFO interrupt.

FIFO transmit delay

FIFO transmit delay (in processor clock cycles) to pause between data transmissions. Enter an integer.

Peripheral in controller out pin assignment

Assign the peripheral in controller out pin SPI value to a GPIO pin.

Peripheral out controller in pin assignment

Assign the peripheral out controller in pin SPI value to a GPIO pin.

CLK pin assignment

Assign the CLK pin to a GPIO pin.

Chip select (provided by SPI module) assignment

Assign the chip select (provided by SPI module) to a GPIO pin.

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