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Instantiate Architecture Model

Create an instance of the architecture model that you can use for analysis


Instantiate Architecture Model creates an instance of an architecture model for analysis.

The Select Stereotypes tree lists the stereotypes of all profiles that have been loaded in the current session and allows you to select those whose properties should be available in the instance model. You can browse for an analysis function, create a new analysis function, or skip analysis at this point. If the analysis function requires inputs other than elements in the model, such as an exchange rate to compute cost, enter it in Function arguments. Select a mode for iterating through model elements, for example, Bottom-up to move from the leaves of the tree to the root. Strict Mode ensures elements in the instantiated model get properties only if the corresponding element in the composition model has the stereotype applied.

Click Instantiate to open the Analysis Viewer.

Instantiate Architecture Model Tool

Open the Instantiate Architecture Model

  • System Composer™ toolstrip: Navigate to Modeling > Analysis Model.


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Analysis function, specified as the MATLAB® function handle to be executed when analysis is run. For more information, see Analysis Function Constructs.

Comma-separated values of optional arguments to the analysis function.

Iteration type to specify how to process instances while using the analysis function. Select one of these options from the list:

  • Pre-order — Start from the top level, move to a child component, and process the subcomponents of that component recursively before moving to a sibling component.

  • Top-Down — Like pre-order, but process all sibling components before moving to their subcomponents.

  • Post-order — Start from components with no subcomponents, process each sibling, and then move to parent.

  • Bottom-up — Like post-order, but process all subcomponents at the same depth before moving to their parents.

Whether to normalize value based on units, if any, specified in property definition upon instantiation.

Condition for instances getting properties only if the corresponding element in the composition model has the stereotype applied.

Programmatic Use

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Use the instantiate function or the iterate function for programmatic analyses.

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Version History

Introduced in R2019a