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Delete test sequence block symbol


sltest.testsequence.deleteSymbol(blockPath,symbolName) deletes symbolName from a Test Sequence block specified by blockPath.


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This example shows how to delete a data symbol programmatically from a Test Sequence block. The data symbol DurationLimit is a constant.

1. Load the model.

Model = 'sltestRollRefTestExample';

2. Delete the constant DurationLimit from the Test Sequence block.

sltest.testsequence.deleteSymbol('sltestRollRefTestExample/Test Sequence',...

3. Close the model.


Input Arguments

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Path to a Test Sequence block, including the block name, specified as a string or character vector. Instead of the block path, you can use a block handle.

Example: 'FanSpeedTestHarness/Test Sequence'

Name of the symbol to delete in the Test Sequence block, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'testOutput'

Version History

Introduced in R2017a