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Configure model to build for selected and connectable target computer

Since R2024a



configureModelForTargetPlatform(target_object,model_name) configures a model to build for the selected target computer platform. The model_name can be a loaded model name or handle. The target computer must be available for connection to Simulink® Real-Time™.

The configureModelForTargetPlatform provides the same type of model configuration operations as the Speedgoat® Target Platform Selector utility. To run this utility, in the Simulink Editor, select Apps > Simulink Real-Time.


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To ensure that a model is configured for a selected target computer, you can use the configureModelForTargetPlatform function.

Connect to the target computer, open the model, and configure the model to build for the target computer.

tg = slrealtime;
model = 'slrt_ex_osc';

Input Arguments

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Provides access to methods that manipulate the target computer properties.

Example: tg

Example: 'slrt_ex_osc'

Data Types: char | string | handle

Version History

Introduced in R2024a