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(To be removed) 1 if vrworld object is valid, 0 if not

vrworld/isvalid will be removed in a future release. For more information, see Version History.


x = isvalid(vrworld_object)



A vrworld object representing a virtual world.


A vrworld object is considered valid if its associated virtual world still exists.

x = isvalid(vrworld_object) returns an array that contains a 1 when the elements of vrworld_object are valid vrworld objects, and returns a 0 when they are not.

You use this method to check whether the vrworld object is still valid. Using a delete or vrclear command can make a vrworld object invalid.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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R2023b: To be removed

The vrworld/isvalid will be removed in a future release. Instead, use sim3d classes and Simulation 3D blocks to interface MATLAB® and Simulink® with the Unreal Engine® 3D simulation environment. To get started, see Create 3D Simulations in Unreal Engine Environment.