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Model Wilkinson Power Divider

Use the Divider block to design a 1:4 Wilkinson power divider. You can use the Number of divider outports parameter in the block to design a Wilkinson power divider with up to 65 ports. You can also design a Wilkinson power divider that works as a combiner by reversing the inputs and outputs.

  1. Open the model and observe that the three input carrier frequencies are set to [0 3 5] MHz in the Sinusoid block.

  2. Run the model.

  3. In the setup in this model, the output waveform is out of phase with the input. The output magnitude is Vout = Vin/sqrt(N), where N is the number of outputs. The other waveforms Vin_Q are noise added and transmitted by the system. Add or delete load resistors or Outport blocks, rerun the simulation, and check the magnitude of the outputs.

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