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setactiveconfigset (model)

Set active configuration set for model object


configsetObj = setactiveconfigset(modelObj, 'NameValue')
configsetObj2 = setactiveconfigset(modelObj, configsetObj1)


configsetObj = setactiveconfigset(modelObj, 'NameValue') sets the configuration set NameValue to be the active configuration set for the model object modelObj and returns to configsetObj.

configsetObj2 = setactiveconfigset(modelObj, configsetObj1) sets the configset configsetObj1 to be the active configset for modelObj and returns to configsetObj2. Any change in one of these two configset objects configsetObj1 and configsetObj2 is reflected in the other. To copy over a configset object from one model object to another, use the copyobj method.

The active configuration set contains the settings that are be used during a simulation. A default configuration set is attached to any new model.


Add a Configuration Set Object

This example shows how to add a configset object to a SimBiology model and set it up for simulation.

Load the sample radiodecay model m1, and add a Configset object to the model.

sbioloadproject radiodecay;
configsetObj = addconfigset(m1, 'myset');

Configure the simulation stop criteria by setting the StopTime property.

configsetObj.StopTime = 15;

Set the configset object to be active so that its settings are used during simulation.


Simulate the model and plot results.

simdata = sbiosimulate(m1);

Version History

Introduced in R2006a