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Unzip zipped DOM template





unzipTemplate(zippedTemplatePath) unzips the DOM template zip file specified by zippedTemplatePath into a subfolder of the folder that contains the zipped template.


unzipTemplate(zippedTemplatePath,unzippedTemplatePath) unzips the DOM template into the folder specified by unzippedTemplatePath.


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Unzip a zipped DOM template called myTemplate.


This example assumes that there is a zipped DOM template called myTemplate in the current folder and a folder called H:\report_templates.


Input Arguments

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If you do not include a file extension in the path, the function assumes the extension is .htmtx.

If you do not use the unzippedTemplatePath argument, the unzipTemplate function unzips the template into a subfolder of the folder that contains the zipped template. The name of the unzipped template folder is the same as the root name of the zipped template. The root name is the zipped template name without its file extension.

The template is unzipped into the folder that you specify in unzippedTemplate path.

Introduced in R2014b