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Rebuild Report Explorer template cache




rptrebuildcache rebuilds the template cache of the Report Explorer. Run this command if you add a template to the MATLAB® path after opening the Report Explorer. Another instance of when to run this command is if you add a template after you run a report setup file for the first time in a MATLAB session.


A template must reside on the MATLAB path for this command to cache it.

The first time you open the Report Explorer in a MATLAB session, the Report Explorer searches the MATLAB path for templates. It also searches the path the first time you run a report setup file. The Report Explorer enters the templates it finds in a cache. The report setup file specifies the template to use for the report. If the template is not in the current folder and you run a report setup file, the Report Explorer looks for the template in the cache. If you then create a template and do not run this command, the template is found only if it is in the current folder. To run the report from another folder, run this command after adding the template.

Introduced in R2017b