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Package: mlreportgen.ppt

Replace text box placeholder paragraphs


paraObj = replace(textBoxPlaceholder,content)



paraObj = replace(textBoxPlaceholder,content) replaces the text in a text box placeholder.

replace(textBoxPlaceholder,contents) replaces multiple paragraphs in a text box placeholder.


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Create a presentation.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*

slides = Presentation('myTextBoxReplacePresentation');
add(slides,'Title and Content');

Create an mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph object.

p = Paragraph('Hello World');

Use the Presentation.find method to find text box placeholders called Title in the presentation. Replace the title for the first slide with the paragraph.

contents = find(slides,'Title');

Add the paragraph to the first slide.


Close the presentation.


Input Arguments

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Text box placeholder to replace text in, specified as an mlreportgen.ppt.TextBoxPlaceholder object.

Text to use as replacement, specified as a character vector, array, cell array, or Paragraph object. If you specify an array, include only mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph objects in the array. If you specify a cell array, you can include character vectors and mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph objects.

Content to use as a replacement, specified as a cell array of character vectors, mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph objects, or a combination of both. Inner cell arrays specify inner list items. The slide layout specifies whether the text displays as paragraphs, bulleted list items, or numbered list items.

Output Arguments

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Paragraph, represented by an mlreportgen.ppt.Paragraph object.

Introduced in R2015b