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Package: mlreportgen.ppt

Determine if message passes filter


tf = passesFilter(message,filter)



tf = passesFilter(message,filter) determines whether the message passes the filter.


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This example shows how to add a progress message to display when generating a presentation.

Add a dispatcher and listener to the report. Configure the dispatcher to include debug messages.

import mlreportgen.ppt.*;
pre = Presentation('myPresentation.pptx');
dispatcher = MessageDispatcher.getTheDispatcher;
     dispatcher.Filter.DebugMessagesPass = true;
l = addlistener(dispatcher,'Message', ...
      @(src, evtdata) disp(evtdata.Message.formatAsText));

Create a progress message.

dispatch(dispatcher,ErrorMessage('invalid slide',pre));
titleText = Text('This is a Title');
titleText.Style = {Bold};


Generate the presentation and delete the listener.


Check the progress messages in the MATLAB® Command Window. In addition to the predefined PPT progress messages, the starting chapter message added in this example appears. The output also includes debug messages.

Input Arguments

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PPT progress message, specified as an mlreportgen.ppt.ProgressMessage object.

Filter to use with the progress message, specified as an mlreportgen.ppt.MessageFilter object.

Output Arguments

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  • 1 — Messages passes the specified filter (the dispatcher handles the message)

  • 0 — Messages fails the specified filter (the dispatcher ignores the message)

Introduced in R2015b