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Geometry Issues

You can enable visualization of geometric issues related to triangulation. To modify geometry issue settings, use the Geometry Issue Settings dialog box under the Tools menu.

Angle Threshold

The Angle Threshold parameter controls the angle threshold (in degrees) at which geometric issues are displayed. This angle directly translates into the angle between adjacent faces of the road mesh. These images show the same road section with different Angle Threshold values used for displaying geometric issues. As the Angle Threshold value increases, the number of issues that are detected decreases.

Angle Threshold: 1 degree

Angle Threshold: 10 degrees

Angle Threshold: 30 degrees

Show Edge Visualization

The Show Edge Visualization parameter enables visualization of the geometric issues. This toggle is applied when the dialog box is closed and corresponds directly to the View > Geometric Issues menu option.

Edge visualization disabled

Edge visualization enabled

Detect Geometry Issues

Running Detect Geometry Issues prints the current state of the geometric issues to its own output panel, and to the RoadRunner standard Output panel. Each issue contains its own URL that focuses the camera on each issue.