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Export Scenes

Export scene geometry and semantic segmentation data, export to OpenDRIVE® or to simulators such as CARLA

RoadRunner can export a scene to a variety of file formats. The exporting options are available through the File > Export option in the menu bar. The export options are divided into these main groups:

  • 3D geometry file formats such as Filmbox (.fbx)

  • Semantic map file formats, such as OpenDRIVE files, that include features such as lane topology.

  • Semantic segmentation data, which you can use to train perception algorithms.

  • Combinations of file formats for use with simulators such as CARLA or game engines such as Unity® or Unreal®. To export to CARLA, Unity, or Unreal, you need to install a RoadRunner plugin. For more details, see Downloading Plugins.

You can also specify custom export configurations to export different combinations of file formats that RoadRunner supports.


World Settings ToolConfigure geographic position and size of environment model for data import and export
OpenDRIVE Export Preview ToolVisualize and validate OpenDRIVE export of scene and load external OpenDRIVE files
Scene Export Preview ToolPreview scene geometry to be exported


3D Scene Geometry

Export to AutoCAD

Export RoadRunner scenes to the AutoCAD® (.dxf) file format.

Export to FBX

Export RoadRunner scenes to the Filmbox (.fbx) file format.

Export to glTF

Export RoadRunner scenes to the GL Transmission Format (glTF™).

Export to OpenFlight

Export RoadRunner scenes to the OpenFlight (.flt) file format.

Export to OpenSceneGraph

Export RoadRunner scenes to various OpenSceneGraph file formats (.osg, .osgb, and .ive).

Export to USD

Export RoadRunner scenes to the Universal Scene Description (USD) file format.

Export to Wavefront OBJ

Export RoadRunner scenes to the Wavefront OBJ (.obj) file format.

Semantic Maps

Export to Apollo

Export RoadRunner scenes to Baidu Apollo® formats (.xml + .bin).

Export to GeoJSON

Export RoadRunner scenes to the GeoJSON (.geojson) file format.

Export to OpenDRIVE

Export RoadRunner scenes to the OpenDRIVE (.xodr) file format.

Left-Hand Drive Export to OpenDRIVE 1.4

Get more detail on the Driving Side option for OpenDRIVE export.


Export scene geometry by category for easy generation of segmentation training data.

Simulators and Game Engines

Downloading Plugins

Obtain RoadRunner plugins for exporting scenes to Unity, Unreal, and CARLA.

RoadRunner Metadata Export

Understand the extra metadata file generated when exporting RoadRunner scenes to Unity or Unreal.

Export to CARLA

Export RoadRunner scenes to CARLA (.fbx + .xml + .xodr).

Export to Metamoto

Export RoadRunner scenes to Metamoto®.

Export to Unity

Export RoadRunner scenes to Unity (.fbx + .xml).

Export to Unreal

Export RoadRunner scenes to Unreal (.fbx + .xml).

Export to VTD

Export RoadRunner scenes to VIRES Virtual Test Drive (VTD) (.xodr + .ive).

Custom Configurations

Export Custom Formats

Customize the combined file formats that you can export from RoadRunner.

Customize Levels of Detail in Exported Scenes

Customize the rendered levels of detail at specified distances to improve performance in exported scenes.