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Matched Filter and Ambiguity Function

Matched filtering, ambiguity function, spectrogram, range transforms

Matched filtering increases the SNR of signals and improves detection performance.


phased.MatchedFilterMatched filter


Matched FilterMatched filter


ambgfunAmbiguity and crossambiguity function
pambgfunPeriodic ambiguity function
bw2rangeConvert bandwidth to range resolution
range2bwConvert range resolution to required bandwidth
range2timeConvert propagation distance to propagation time
time2rangeConvert propagation time to propagation distance
unigridUniform grid


Radar Waveform AnalyzerAnalyze performance characteristics of pulsed, frequency-modulated, and phase-coded waveforms


Matched Filtering and Ambiguity Function

Matched Filtering

Matched filtering increases SNR and improves detection.


Standards and Conventions

This section introduces the concept of baseband signals and defines the local and global coordinate systems used in the toolbox.

Units of Measure and Physical Constants

Phased Array System Toolbox™ uses the International System of Units.