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UMTS Test and Measurement

3G waveform generation for W-CDMA, HSPA, and HSPA+

Use these LTE Toolbox™ functions to initialize UMTS reference measurement channel (RMC) configuration structures and to generate UMTS waveforms.


umtsDownlinkReferenceChannelsUMTS downlink measurement channel definition
umtsDownlinkWaveformGeneratorUMTS downlink waveform generation
umtsUplinkReferenceChannels UMTS uplink measurement channel definition
umtsUplinkWaveformGeneratorUMTS uplink waveform generation


  • UMTS Parameterization Overview

    Describes the function parameter style for UMTS. Some of the UMTS functions in the LTE Toolbox product require many parameters. Structures are used to organize the parameters used to define, and then generate UMTS waveforms.