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Test & Measurement Tool Overview

Instrument Control Toolbox Software Support

The Test & Measurement Tool (tmtool) enables you to configure and control resources (instruments, serial devices, drivers, interfaces, etc.) accessible through the toolbox without having to write the MATLAB® script.

You can use the Test & Measurement Tool to manage your session with the toolbox. This tool enables you to do the following:

  • Detect available hardware and drivers.

  • Connect to an instrument or device.

  • Configure instrument or device settings.

  • Read and write data.

  • Automatically generate the MATLAB script.

  • Visualize acquired data.

  • Export acquired data to the MATLAB workspace.

Navigating the Tree

You start the Test & Measurement Tool by typing


You navigate to the various hardware control panes using the tool's tree. Start by selecting the toolbox you want to work with, which displays a set of instructions in the right pane. These instructions explain the basic steps to establishing communication with an instrument.

For example, the following figure shows the pane displayed when you select Instrument Control Toolbox.