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Read logic level value of digital pin on controller

Since R2023a



    value = readDigitalPin(controller,pin) reads the logic level value of the digital input pin pin on the Aardvark™ or NI™ USB-845x controller controller and returns it as a double 0 or 1.


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    Connect to an NI USB-845x Interface Device and read the logic level values of its digital I/O pins.

    Connect to the NI USB-845x using its serial number. In this example, the NI USB-845x controller board that is connected to the computer has the serial number 01F26E0A.

    controller = ni845x("01F26E0A");

    View the available digital I/O (DIO) pins on the controller and their respective pin modes by using the DigitalPinModes property.

    ans =
      8×2 table
         Pin       Mode  
        ______    _______
        "P0.0"    "input"
        "P0.1"    "input"
        "P0.2"    "input"
        "P0.3"    "input"
        "P0.4"    "input"
        "P0.5"    "input"
        "P0.6"    "input"
        "P0.7"    "input"

    Since these are input pins, you can read the logic level value of any of these. These pins are connected to pins on the I2C peripheral device. Read the logic level value of the DIO(0) pin, P0.0.

    value = readDigitalPin(controller,"P0.0")
    value =

    You can also read the values of all the pins at once.

    value = readDigitalPin(controller,controller.AvailableDigitalPins)
    value =
         0     1     1     0     0     1     1     0

    The order of these values corresponds to the order of the pins returned by controller.DigitalPinModes. For example, the value of P0.0 is 0, P0.1 is 1, P0.2 is 1, and so on.

    Input Arguments

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    Controller connection, specified as an aardvark object or ni845x object.

    Example: readDigitalPin(controller,pin) reads the pin's logic level value for the Aardvark or NI USB-845x controller controller.

    Digital input pin number to read the logic level value of, specified as a character vector or string. Possible values are the pin numbers returned as strings by controller.AvailableDigitalPins. You can also read the values of all the pins by specifying pin as the string array returned by controller.AvailableDigitalPins.

    If a digital pin is not already configured as an input pin, you can set it using the configureDigitalPin function.

    Example: readDigitalPin(controller,"Pin1") reads the logic level of the pin "Pin1" on the Aardvark controller.

    Example: readDigitalPin(controller,"P0.0") reads the logic level of the pin "P0.0" on the NI USB-845x controller.

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a