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MATLAB アプリケーションからの HDL コードの生成

デスクトップまたは組み込みターゲットに展開するための HDL コードの生成

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ を Deep Learning Toolbox™ と共に使用して、事前学習済みのネットワーク用の HDL コードを生成します。生成された HDL コードを、Intel® と Xilinx® の FPGA デバイスと SoC デバイスに展開できます。


dlhdl.WorkflowConfigure deployment workflow for deep learning neural network
dlhdl.TargetConfigure interface to target board for workflow deployment




  • Get Started with Deep Learning FPGA Deployment on Intel Arria 10 SoC (Deep Learning HDL Toolbox)
    This example shows how to create, compile, and deploy a dlhdl.Workflow object that has a handwritten character detection series network object by using the Deep Learning HDL Toolbox™ Support Package for Intel FPGA and SoC. Use MATLAB® to retrieve the prediction results from the target device.
  • Defect Detection (Deep Learning HDL Toolbox)
    This example shows how to deploy a custom trained series network to detect defects in objects such as hexagon nuts. The custom networks were trained by using transfer learning. Transfer learning is commonly used in deep learning applications. You can take a pretrained network and use it as a starting point to learn a new task. Fine-tuning a network with transfer learning is usually much faster and easier than training a network with randomly initialized weights from scratch. You can quickly transfer learned features to a new task using a smaller number of training signals. This example uses two trained series networks, trainedDefNet.mat and trainedBlemDetNet.mat.