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Return information about SPC file


InfoStruct = tgspcinfo(File)


InfoStruct = tgspcinfo(File) returns a MATLAB® structure containing summary information about a Galactic SPC file from Thermo Scientific®.

Input Arguments


Character vector or string specifying a file name or path and file name of an SPC file. If you specify only a file name, that file must be on the MATLAB search path or in the current folder.

Output Arguments


MATLAB structure containing the following fields:

FilenameName of the SPC file.
FileSizeSize of the SPC file in bytes.
ExperimentTypeExperimental technique used to create the data.
NumDataPointsNumber of data points (y data values) in the SPC file.
XFirstFirst x data value in the SPC file.
XLastLast x data value in the SPC file.
NumScansNumber of scans or subfiles in the SPC file.
XLabelLabel for the x data values.
YLabelLabel for the y data values.
ZLabelLabel for the z data values.
CollectionTimeDate and time the scans were collected.
CollectionTimeDatenumDate and time the scans were collected in serial date number format. For more information, see datenum.
ResolutionInstrument resolution.
SourceInstrumentName or model of the instrument used to collect data.
InterferogramPeakPointNumberPeak point number for interferograms. It is 0 for scans that are not interferograms.
Comment User-provided comments.
CustomAxisUnitLabelUser-provided labels for the axis units.
SubScanHeadersHeader information for subfiles or scans, including scan index, next scan index, and w data value.
ZValuesVector containing the z data values of all scans in the SPC file.


This example assumes that you already have an SPC file to use. sample.spc file is not provided with the Bioinformatics Toolbox™ software.

Return information about an SPC file:

% Return information about an SPC file named sample.spc
info = tgspcinfo('sample.spc')
Reading header for file: SAMPLE.SPC
File contains 1 scans

info = 

                        Filename: 'SAMPLE.SPC'
                        FileSize: 48380
                  ExperimentType: 'General SPC'
                   NumDataPoints: 12031
                          XFirst: 6.2998e+003
                           XLast: 499.9531
                        NumScans: 1
                          XLabel: 'Wavenumber (cm-1)'
                          YLabel: 'Absorbance'
                          ZLabel: 'Arbitrary'
                  CollectionTime: '08-Mar-1993 15:13:00'
           CollectionTimeDatenum: 7.2800e+005
                      Resolution: '  .00   '
                SourceInstrument: ''
    InterferogramPeakPointNumber: 0
                         Comment: [1x74 char]
             CustomAxisUnitLabel: ''
                  SubScanHeaders: [1x1 struct]
                         ZValues: 0

Version History

Introduced in R2009b

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