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Create feed at locations on custom array



createFeed(array) plots a custom array mesh in a figure window. From the figure window, you can specify feed locations by clicking on the triangle edges in the mesh. To specify a region for the feed point, select two pairs of points, inside triangles on either side of the air gap. The feed points are highlighted as soon as you select the relevant edges in the mesh.


createFeed(array,point1a,point1b,.....,pointNa,pointNb) creates the feed across the triangle edges identified by pairs of points point1a and point1b. Specify multiple such pairs of points to create multiple feed points. After creating the feed, feed location is highlighted when you plot the resulting array mesh.


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This example shows how to create feedpoints on an array mesh using GUI.

Load a 2-D custom mesh. Create a custom array using the points and triangles.

load planarmesh.mat;
c = customArrayMesh(p,t,2)
c = 
  customArrayMesh with properties:

            Points: [3x658 double]
         Triangles: [4x1219 double]
          NumFeeds: 2
      FeedLocation: []
    AmplitudeTaper: 1
        PhaseShift: 0
              Tilt: 0
          TiltAxis: [1 0 0]

Use the createFeed function to view the array mesh structure in a GUI window.

Pick and Undo buttons are visible at the right side of the window, where the Pick button is highlighted.


Click Pick to display the cross hairs. For an array with two feeds, select two pairs (four points) in the mesh.

To specify a feed-region for the, zoom in and select two points each, one inside each triangle on either side of the air gap. Select the points using the cross hairs.

  • Select the first triangle for feedpoint 1.


  • Select the second triangle on the other side of the air gap for feedpoint 1.


  • Select first triangle for feedpoint 2.


  • Select the second triangle on the other side of the air gap for feedpoint 2.


  • Selecting the fourth triangle creates and displays the array feeds.


You must select the two triangles on either side of the air gap. Otherwise, the function displays an error message.


Load a custom mesh and create an array.

load planarmesh.mat;
c = customArrayMesh(p,t,2);

Create feeds for the custom array mesh.

createFeed(c,[0.07 0.01],[0.05 0.05], [-0.07 0.01],[-0.05 0.05]);

Input Arguments

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Custom 2-D planar mesh array structure, specified as a customArrayMesh object.

Example: customArrayMesh

Point pairs to identify feed region, specified as Cartesian coordinates in meters. Specify the points in the format [x1a y1a], [x1b y1b].

Example: createFeed(c,[0.07 0.01],[0.05 0.05],[-0.07 0.01],[-0.05 0.05]). Creates two pairs of feed points for a custom array mesh at the x-y coordinates specified.

Version History

Introduced in R2016a