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Class: soc.sdk.BoardSupport
Package: soc.sdk

Get the operating systems for a target

Since R2019b


operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj)
operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"mapped")
operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"mapped",hardwareObj)
operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"unmapped")
operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"reference")
operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"name",name)


operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj) returns all soc.sdk.OperatingSystem objects mapped to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object or reference board support.

operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"mapped") returns all the OperatingSystem objects mapped to BoardSupport object.

operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"mapped",hardwareObj) returns all OperatingSystem objects mapped to the BoardSupport object and soc.sdk.Hardware object.

operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"unmapped")returns all OperatingSystem objects only mapped to the reference board support and can be mapped to the BoardSupport object.

operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"reference") returns all OperatingSystem objects mapped to the reference of the BoardSupport object.

operatingSystemObj = getOperatingSystem(boardSupportObj,"name",name) returns the OperatingSystem object with Name property equal to the name argument.

Input Arguments

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BoardSupport object, specified as an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, defines a hardware board that you can use with the SoC Blockset™ features.

soc.sdk.Hardware object mapped to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object.

Name of the Name property of a OperatingSystem object contained in the BoardSupport object.

Example: "MyLinuxDistro"

Data Types: string | char

Output Arguments

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soc.sdk.OperatingSystem object or cell array of OperatingSystem objects.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b