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Vector CANape Limitations

For Vector CANape®, the Simulink® Real-Time™ software does not support:

  • Starting and stopping the real-time application by using Vector CANape commands.

    To start and stop the real-time application on the target computer, use the Simulink Real-Time start and stop commands, for example start(tg), stop(tg).

  • Vector CANape flash programming.

  • Multiple simultaneous Vector CANape connections to a single target computer.

Event mode data acquisition has the following limitations:

  • Every piece of data that the Simulink Real-Time software adds to the event list slows the real-time application. The amount of data that you can observe depends on the model sample time and the speed of the target computer. It is possible to overload the target computer CPU to where data integrity is reduced.

  • You can trace only signals and scalar parameters. You cannot trace vector parameters.