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Control Real-Time Application at Target Computer Command Line

The Simulink® Real-Time™ software provides a set of commands that you can use to interact with the real-time application on the target computer. You can load, start, stop, and check the status of the real-time application.

These commands let you interact with real-time applications on standalone target computers that are not connected to Simulink Real-Time software on a development computer.

To enter commands, type the commands by using a keyboard attached to the target computer or by using an SSH utility (such as PuTTY) to send commands to the target computer from a development computer.


To run user commands, log in as user slrt by using password slrt. To run the system commands (for example, date, ntdate, ntpd, rtc, or setting the time zone), login as user root by using password root.

The target computer commands are case-sensitive. For more information, see Target Computer Command-Line Interface.

To read the target computer console log, open the Simulink Real-Time Explorer and click the System Log Viewer tab. You can also export the system log by using the SystemLog function.

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