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Unit Boundary Condition Coverage Fragment

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This metric returns the fraction of overall achieved condition coverage that comes from unit-boundary tests.

Computation Details

The metric does not analyze coverage from tests that run in software-in-the-loop (SIL) or processor-in-the-loop (PIL) mode.


To collect data for this metric:

  • In the Model Testing Dashboard, in the Achieved Coverage Ratio section, point to the widget for Unit-Boundary Tests, point to the three dots, and click the run button.

  • Use getMetrics with the metric ID UnitBoundaryConditionCoverageFragment.

Collecting data for this metric loads the model file and test results files and requires a Simulink® Coverage™ license.


For this metric, instances of metric.Result return the Value as a structure that contains these fields:

  • Numerator — The number of unit-boundary tests that contribute to the overall achieved condition coverage.

  • Denominator — The total number of tests (unit-boundary and non-unit-boundary) that contribute to the overall achieved condition coverage.

Compliance Thresholds

This metric does not have predefined thresholds.

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